Simple Tracker

Simple time tracker app built on top of React and Redux. Leverages localStorage to allow timer to work offline. Online version can be found here:

Full source code and instructions on how to run app locally can be found on Github:

Screenshot of user interface showing timers
Screenshot showing timer edit capability
Edit timers to add descriptions, or modify tracked time
Screenshot showing calendar widget for browsing past times.
Timers are tracked by dates and past timers can be easily accessed via the calendar.

Tags and Categories

Quickly organize timers using tags and categories. Timers can be filtered or searched by categories and tags.

Screenshot showing category and tag edit settings.
Organize timers into categories and tags.
Quickly add and inline-edit tag names
Quickly add and inline-edit tag names
Filter timers by tags and categories
Filter timers by tags and categories
Search feature showcasing timers being filtered by search term
Search timers by name, descriptions or tags.

Backup Data

Backup or import existing timer data using a simple interface.

Showing settings for importing and exporting timer data.
Backup timer data or import existing timers

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